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Technical consulting, design & development for mobile apps, games, websites & code based art.

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Android™ Apps

At Mulx our core focus is Apps, specifically for Android devices and the Google Play™ store!

If you have a great idea for an app or an existing IOS app that you need converted to Android let's talk code.

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Mobile Games Development

Mobile Games are huge and we absolutely love the capabilities of "Unity®" software to publish to any platform.

Website Design & Development

MULX offers basic small business websites design and maintenance, through to more complex web applications development.

All advanced MULX websites are built using mobile responsive techniques which will adapt the design to fit the very latest mobile phones, computers and web enabled smart TVs.

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Social Setups & Integration

When it comes to social MULX can perform your initial page/ business profile setups, profile & branding customisation. We can also assist with Google + & Facebook integration into your new or existing native mobile app, game and or website.


There is MULX code on the following projects. Some are 100% designed & coded by MULX. Others are pre existing designs that have been upgraded by MULX to add extra features & functionality.



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